Berimbau Art, Learning to play

Part of the Capoeira Journey is learning to play the Berimbau, a beautiful musical instrument that can create an amazing meditative sound, in Capoeira Angola style we play three berimbau’s pitched in different tones. Playing the Berimbau can be quite difficult at first to even hold , however with time and a lot of practise this musical instrument can take you away from any problems and distractions and give anyone a simple but very powerful musical expression.

At our classes in Dalston we always allocate time to learn music and a lot of attention to this particular instrument, we also craft our own, as illustrated in the above pictures , please do get in touch if you would like your own personal berimbau or come to training and try them out.

Classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7pm to 9pm

Tues- Hindle House Community Centre, Arcola Street, E8 (Near Dalston Kingsland overground)

Thursdays- St.Barnabas Hall, Shacklewell row, London, E82EA (Near Dalston Kingsland overground)



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