Capoeira is for everyone !

Mestre Pastinha, one of the greatest masters of Capoeira who passed away on November 13th 1981 left many wonderful quotes, one was, ” Capoeira é pra homem, menino e mulher.” Meaning Capoeira is for man, child and woman. Nowadays unlike in or before Pastinha’s time you will actually find at many events and classes more women playing Capoeira than men.

At our classes we try hard to be as welcoming and accomadating to different abilities and needs as possible , we welcome complete beginners and all age groups, we in-fact have two extra classes especially for children and families.

Come and Train Capoeira Angola on Tuesdays or Thursdays in Dalston, London

Tuesdays from 7pm at Hindle house, Arcola street, E82DZ.

Thursdays from 7pm at St.Barnabas Hall, E82EA.



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