Capoeira Roda at Passing Clouds

We began putting on Capoeira Rodas at passing clouds in 2010, just a handful of capoeiristas, we wanted to create a roda to learn more ourselves about Capoeira and bring it out into the public.

Passing clouds is a wonderful music and community arts venue in Dalston , they are very humble and community minded folk who began as a ‘squat’. I started my living life in London in squat situations and I remember richmond terrace well as a venue for some of the wildest free parties I had ever seen. 3

A capoeira roda is a gathering of players and musicians all practising the art-form, some rodas can focus more on a particular capoeira group and there own students. Other roda’s can become more of a public occasion where it could be organised by a group or nucleus of capoeiristas but more to gather all players and musicians of the art . And for dfferent objectives, alike teaching capoeira varies from player to player , so do rodas they are all unique in there own way.

So , I wont try to define the passing clouds roda to much as it constantly developing . I would say come down and check it out , if you are a capoeirista yourself, a visual artist, a music lover or just fancy seeing what all the fuss is about .

The next Roda is Sunday July 24th at Passing Clouds, 1 Richmond road. Starts 6 pm

Weekly training locally on Tuesdays and Thursdays , from 7pm to 9 pm


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